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........ published in NEWSLETTER # 52

by Dr. K. Ruthven, University, Cambridge (U.K.)

This volume (NATO ASI SERIES F121) provides authoritative and illuminating analyses of approaches to mathematics education in the light of technological change, and of results from a sustained international collaboration between leading workers in the field. Its first major focus is on the design of new technological environments for doing and learning mathematics; notably on the idea of a `cognitive technology'. This is explored in particular relation to the mathematical domains of symbolic algebra, figural geometry and statistical analysis, and to the educational technologies of microworlds and tutoring systems. The second central focus of the book is on issues of innovation and institutionalisation; in particular on the relation of new technologies to the changing and contested rationales of mathematics itself, and of school curriculum amd pedagogy.
Reference books: F81, F84, F89, F91, F104, F105, F117, F121

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