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by Professor A. Andriesh, Moldavian Academy of Sciences, Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) and Professor M. Bertolotti, University of Rome-La Sapienza, Rome (Italy)

This volume (NATO ASI SERIES 3-36) provides a comprehensive overview of the recent research in new non-crystalline materials - chalcogenide glasses doped with rare-earth elements, porous amorphous silicon, chalcophalide and fluoride glasses, diamond like carbon, etc., having new functional characteristics. Reports and communications were presented on various aspects of the theory, new physical principles, studies of the atomic structure, research and development of optoelectronic devices. Special attention was paid to the important subject of photo-induced transformations and their applications.

Non-crystalline materials serve for creating key components for different optoelectronic devices. These include high density optical storage systems, all-optical devices for switching and logic, solid-state lighting sources, waveguides and optical fibers, sensors for medicine, humidity, etc. Novel nonlinear optical phenomena in non-crystalline materials and glass fibers are perspectives for optoelectronic engineering. Considerable attention was also given to technical applications of the photo-induced phenomena in optoelectronics, applications and device development based on non-crystalline semiconductors with the focus on optoelectronics. Optical and photoelectrical information storage media, high resolution lithography, optical diffraction elements, optoelectronic parts and circuits can be based on the photo-induced structure transformation phenomena.

The main objectives of the Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) was to review the most important scientific achievements in the field of non-crystalline semiconductors, with respect to fundamentals and applications in optoelectronics, to bring together researchers from academic and high-school research institutions and industry for an exchange of ideas and research results, development and applications of non-crystalline semiconductors in optoelectronics.
Reference books: 3-23, 3-36, C418, E36, E118

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