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by Professor M. Haviar, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Significant progress in the development of engineering ceramic materials has been made in last decade. However, their mass production is still below expectations. In the production process, all processing techniques, namely powder production, mixing, forming and sintering are equally important. During all steps defects can be introduced into the material.

The papers presented in the Proceedings (NATO ASI SERIES 3-25) are grouped into three chapters. The first, "Advanced Powderless and Powder Processing" covers the latest advances in the preparation of powders, hybrid processing from organometallic precursors and in-situ reactions. "Engineering Ceramic Monoliths and Composites" describes the advanced processing of various composite and SiAlON materials. The last chapter, "Advances in Mechanical, Thermal and Physical Properties through Processing" studies factors influencing the properties of ceramic monoliths and composites, the emphasis being on the provision of processing advice.
Reference books: 3-25, E23, E65, E170, E173, E241, E267, E276, E284

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